• 2023-08-04

    Central management system (CMS) Download -Latest version 1.0.35

    Version 1.0.35
    1.Remove restrcitions for managed devcies limitation. Free trial version now supports up
    to 100 devices
    2.Optimize CMS update function for macOS version

  • 2021-06-02

    Central management system (CMS) Download -Latest version 1.0.27

    Version 1.0.27

    1.Add custom group sorting
    2.Unlock multiple devices which share the same admin password
    3.Add Japanese version for CMS tool
    4.Improve UI of connected device numbers
    5.Bug fixed: PSK is not showing correctly when Miracast is enabled
    6.Bug fixed: Miracast is not disable when Multicast is ON
    7.Bug fixed: Screensaver could not wake by CMS Emergency broadcast