Windows EZCast 7/8/10 Download -Latest version Date:2018-12-27

Windows EZCast Portable Version For Win7 : Date:2017-04-26

Windows EZCast Portable Version for XP Latest Version: Date:2014-07-07

Windows EZCast XP/Vista Download

Old Version: Windows EZCast 7/8/10 Download -Latest version Date:2018-09-27

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  • Duration of Security Update Support

    EZCast offer security update support for EZC-5201BS at least three years of security updates to 2027/02/28. If the support period will be extended, the new defined support period will be published as soon as is practicable. The defined support period will not shorten after the publication.

    Product Security Advisory

    EZCast places great importance on ensuring the security of our products to protect the privacy of our customers. We welcome customers to report any security or privacy-related issues to us, as this helps us continuously improve our security measures and personal information protection.

    How to Report Security Vulnerabilities or Issues to EZCast

    We welcome all reports regarding security issues and privacy concerns. Please contact us via

    To ensure prompt handling of your reported issues, please provide the following information on the website:

    ● Your full name and email address.
    ● Detailed information about the issue you wish to report.
    ● In the "Device Model" field, please enter EZCast-5201BS.

    Please note that the information you provide to EZCast will only be used to assist in resolving security vulnerability issues. We assure you that we will protect your personal information and will not disclose it to third parties.

    The Next Steps After You Report an Issue

    Once we confirm and resolve the issue, we will immediately provide the appropriate solution to all affected customers. EZCast will prioritize delivering the solution and ensure it is provided as soon as feasible.
    The latest software update information, along with descriptions of the issues fixed, will be included in the "Latest security updates" list below. While we will notify customers whenever possible, we recommend that customers visit this page regularly to stay informed of the latest updates.

    Latest security updates

    Stay tuned for future updates right here. For any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at

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