EZCast Pro Dongle II Quick Start Guide

How to setup EZCast Pro Dongle II

Installation guide

1. Please plug EZCast Pro Dongle II into TV’s HDMI socket and connect USB power adapter to it.

2. Switch TV’s input source to HDMI input, and you will see the main menu on TV screen after booting up.

EZCast Pro Dongle startup screen

You will see connection instruction on screen. Please follow the below steps to set up your EZCast Pro Dongle II.

1. For Windows or macOS user, please download EZCast Pro App at ezcast.com. For Android user, you may find EZCast Pro App in Google Play; For iOS user, you may find EZCast Pro App in App Store.

2. Find the matching SSID in your device’s Wi-Fi list and type in the password.

3. Open your EZCast Pro App and connect to the EZCast Pro Dongle II. Once connected, you may start casting.

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Download 1.0 User Manual

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