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Ultimate quick start guide to your EZCast wireless display receiver

Thank you again for purchasing an EZCast wireless display receiver.

I bet you are wondering, “This is so easy to use, there’s no need for instructions!”

But just in case there are some fans out there that need a more guided tour of the setup, here are some of the best video tutorials to help you quickly get your EZCast dongle up and running.

This guide is broken down into sections based on devices, so you can quickly jump down to the desired section based on your smart device.

Miracast your Android screen

Miracast is a protocol supported by Android phones and Windows devices natively to connect to screens wirelessly.

EZCast dongle supports the Miracast function compatible on most Android phones.

Please note that the Miracast feature may be called different names on different Android devices, such as SmartView, Multi-screen…etc.

You might need to check with your mobile phone manufacturer’s instructions if you have trouble accessing Miracast.

Screen mirroring from an iPhone

One feature about EZCast is that it supports the native AirPlay Screen Mirroring feature in iOS devices.

So once you setup the dongle behind your TV, and connect to the dongle’s Wi-Fi network,

You can use the Screen Mirroring function to start sharing your screen to the HDTV.

Screen mirroring from a MacBook

As you may already know, MacBooks support AirPlay Screen Mirroring.


In the same way you screen mirror with an iPhone, you just connect to the dongle’s Wi-Fi network and fire up Screen Mirroring.

The MacBook has a special feature exclusive to laptops, which is the screen extending function.

If you download the EZCast app, you can use the screen extending function to enlarge your desktop for multitasking.

Share screen via Miracast from a Windows laptop

As you mentioned earlier, Windows devices share the Miracast protocol with Android devices,

Therefore you can access the Miracast function in Windows to start screen mirroring to EZCast.

Being a laptop, Windows also has the same screen extending function like MacBooks do.

After you download the EZCast app, you can use the screen extending function to enlarge your desktop to get more screen space for work and play.

Upgrading your EZCast 2 wireless display dongle

In order to maintain ongoing support for the latest OS changes, we push out firmware updates for your EZCast wireless receivers periodically.

Check out the video below to learn about the upgrade processes.