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How to watch Netflix on EZCast with Android phone

Given the popularity of Android smartphones and Netflix, it’s very likely you purchased an EZCast dongle specifically to watch Netflix on the big screen.

Due to Netflix’s DRM protection on their services, casting Netflix contents directly to the big screen from your smartphone is a bit tricky.

At the moment only Android phones that both support HDCP and Miracast can play Netflix videos through EZCast.

How to setup Netflix on TV with Miracast

You can the watch the video below to learn how to use Miracast, native to most Android phones, to connect Netflix to TV with your phone.

The key is to make sure your Android phone is HDCP compatible, most of the latest Android smart phones should do, and your phone supports Miracast.

Then make sure your phone is internet-enabled, either through its own mobile network, or a local Wi-Fi network.

Execute your Android phone’s Miracast function and select EZCast device to screen mirror to.

Once you are sharing your phone screen on the TV, execute the Netflix app to watch your favourite shows on HDTV.

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