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MagicEther, the fastest way to mirror Full HD content

It’s getting easier to screen mirror your favorite Full HD content to the big screen now! MagicEther, the latest wireless display receiver powered by EZCast, supports high speed internet connection via Ethernet cable instead of the unstable Wi-Fi, provides you and your family a better screen mirroring experience.

Here, we are going to reveal the secrets of MagicEther to you.

Plug and play

The I/O interface of MagicEther is really simple, all the setups can be done in a blink of an eye. 

High Speed Internet with Ethernet

Even kids can use it! Just plug in an Ethernet cable then you can enjoy the stable, high-speed internet. 

Multi-OS mirroring support with a tiny cuboid

Small but complete in every detail! MagicEther supports Full HD output with HDMI port and is fully compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Hands-free experience with voice control

Too lazy to type?

MagicEther supports Google Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Echo voice control, to turn your house into a smart cinema.

Now sit back and enjoy!

Shares photos to the biggest photo frame

Pick one theme you like, and let the ever-changing background photos turn your TV into a vibrant picture frame.

How to setup and cast smartphones to TV with MagicEther?

First, plug the Ethernet cable from router into its Ethernet port to get online.

Second, connect the MagicEther to power with micro-USB charging cable.

Third, insert the HDMI connector to your HDTV or other display with HDMI port.

Then you can play your iPhone and Android smartphones to TV wirelessly.

How to connect MagicEther to router and HDTV

How to connect MagicEther to router and HDTV

Click here to find out more about specifications of MagicEther and what it can do for you. 

Also, you are welcome to visit our booth (Hall 25, 263D) in IFA Berlin from September 6 to 11 to know more about the latest screen mirroring technology and products.