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How EZCast Protects the Employees from the Risk of Exposure of COVID-19 at work?

Each day more and more people are being encouraged to start returning to work since many countries have slowed the increase in new cases and have started easing lockdown restrictions.

Here are some tips that EZCast takes to keep our employees safe when they go back to the workplace.

The precautions that EZCast takes to keep our employees safe at work.

The precautions that EZCast takes to keep our employees safe at work.

Wear a Face Mask When Working Near Each Other

The virus could be spread to you via small droplets if someone nearby sneezes or coughs, therefore, we ask our employees to wear a face mask when working near each other.

If someone shows signs of cough and sneeze, we will let the person take a rest at home or work from home to keep everyone in the office safe.

Wash Hands Frequently

The virus can spread from other people or surfaces when you touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

So, we provide soap and hand sanitizer for our employees and recommend everyone washing their hands frequently to protect themselves from the virus.

Clean and Disinfect Personal Space Daily

Everyone should clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as a computer keyboard, phone, water bottle, and desk.

We prepare disinfectant alcohol spray for every employee to keep their personal space clean and germ-free.

Maintain a Physical Distance of at least 1.5 meters

The most likely way of catching the virus is by breathing in micro-droplets from another person sneezing or coughing.

To reduce the likelihood of exposure to micro-droplets of others, everyone should maintain a physical distance of at least 1.5 meters from others where possible.

Greet others with Elbow-Bumps and Footshakes

Virus means handshakes, cheek-kisses, hugs are not as welcome as they used to be.

To prevent the spread of disease, elbow-bumps, and foot shakes are the alternative ways when someone greets others.

We hope everyone can stay safe when going back to work and do our best to gradually return the workplace to normal.

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