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8 Pro Tips to Host an Awesome Karaoke Party

A Karaoke Party is a fantastic opportunity to bring friends and family together to celebrate a special occasion or simply to have a good time! But it is only possible if done correctly. It will require a bit of effort and planning.

However, do not panic! 

We will make this event a little easier for you with these eight simple tips for a perfect karaoke party, even if you haven’t organized one before. 

So let’s get started.

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1. Choose a theme for your Karaoke Party

Take your party to the next level! All the greatest and most memorable parties have a theme. At the very least, themes help people think about what songs they would like to play. There are many topics you can choose from, like choosing a decade's theme (For example, the 60s, 70s, 80s… etc), rock' n’ roll, pop or more! 

You can even choose a theme from your favorite artist, band, or even a movie or musical. To give it more spice, you could ask your guests to prepare an outfit according to your theme, and you can wow them with awesome props and decorations.

Choose a theme for your Kareoke Party

If you want to make your next party unforgettable, pick a theme!

2. Make a Kareoke Party Playlist

Now that you have selected a theme, choosing the song list will be a piece of cake. Create a playlist on your selected karaoke app or on YouTube. Then, spend some time adding different songs. Add songs for different categories, like for male voice, female voice, duets, love songs, heartbreak songs and more! We recommend having a song cue of at least 15-25 songs. In this way, there won’t be an awkward silence.  

If you aren’t using a theme for your party, you can look for popular karaoke songs playlists. Or you can also ask your friends to add songs to a group playlist, so the party keeps going for hours!

The more songs on the karaoke playlist, the merrier! 

The more songs on the karaoke playlist, the merrier! 

3.Give Out Prizes to the Top Performers

Who doesn’t love winning a prize? Give your attendees a special incentive for their heartfelt performance. By offering the winner some victorious gifts, you can make the games more challenging. Anything works as a prize, from candy to pizza, alcohol or a printed diploma. 

You could use the performance score of karaoke apps. Otherwise, you can create different categories for awards like best/worst singer, funny costume, best duet and let the audience vote for the winners. Thus, this experience will be for sure memorable for your friends. 

Give Out Prizes to Top Performers

 It's time to get those karaoke skills up. Giveaway prizes for the best performance and funniest costume.

4. Keep Your Guests Happy with Food and Drinks

A good party has awesome people, fun music… and food! Fuel your guests energy with snacks! It doesn’t even have to be an elaborate dinner. Your guests can either bring a dish each, or you can make it yourself, get supplies from your local supermarket. However, chips, pizza, and popcorn will never fail.

Keep your Guests Happy with Snacks

 Make sure your karaoke party is awesome, with food that fuels energy.

5. Invitations for the Karaoke Gang

Make a careful revision of your venue and your budget. After this, you can have an estimate of how many people you can invite. In this way, you won’t get carried away with the amount of guests. Mix avid singers, with party people and ‘closet singers’, everyone will add some of their special magic to the event.

Make Invitations for the Karaoke Gang

The best part of a party is the people. Make sure you have the right mix of singers, and party people.

6. Organize Some Karaoke Games

Organize some small intermediate games, so there are no dull moments. For example, you can play “Google translated songs”. In this game, you feed the google translate tool with the lyrics of your favorite song. Then translate the song back to the original language. After this, you will have a funny and different version of the song to sing. Print these lyrics and make your guest sing them. We assure you that everyone will have a lot of laughs. 

Here are other karaoke games you can play at your party.

7. Prepare your Equipment

Have all your equipment tested and prepared beforehand. We also recommended running a trial before the karaoke party. Your setup depends on you. It can either be: 

  1. Using a karaoke machine (microphone, karaoke machine, TV/Screen/projector)

  2. Using a DIY karaoke setup (speaker, microphone, laptop/phone/device, TV/screen/projector)

However, karaoke machines can be heavy, impractical, and expensive. Nowadays, you can run your karaoke party from your devices like Laptop, iPad or even from your phone. Using screen mirroring devices will make it easy to cast your screen into your TV/screen.

Run a trial, get all your equipment tested and prepared beforehand

8. Go big with a projector

If‌ you want a real karaoke experience, you can enlarge the lyrics using a projector. By making them as large as possible, everyone will ‌sing along more easily. You can even conveniently project the words on a wall or the side of your house. EZCast Beam J4a will manage the task well.

A projector like EZCast Beam J4a will enhance your karaoke party experience. 

A projector like EZCast Beam J4a will enhance your karaoke party experience. 

One of its main advantages is that it is very portable and small (only 384 grams) so you can project karaoke songs & sing anywhere, anytime. In addition, you can easily download popular apps. This translates into that you can download your favorite karaoke apps or YouTube directly to the projector. Besides, J4a has a built-in battery, which allows you to sing up for 4 hours without charging in Eco mode..

EZCast Beam J4a is fully portable, no wires needed. 

EZCast Beam J4a is fully portable, no wires needed. 

You can mirror any song from your favorite devices.

You can mirror your favorite videos from your favorite devices

If you are concerned about the sound quality, we recommend connecting an external Bluetooth speaker to the EZCast Beam J4a. In this way, everyone will enjoy a crisp sound. A fun bonus is that it counts with ARM Quad-core Cortex-A55 CPU and ARM Mali-G31 GPU. But what does that mean? Having these features enables the projector to deliver a combination of power efficiency and performance, helping it achieve good performance for playing all the karaoke games.

Another Option is EZCast Beam J4. It is a portable DLP projector pefect for all your adventures. With 5 hours of playtime you can enjoy without worries! With it you can stream your music to J4 from your mobile [ It can accept other bluetooth devices to connect to it to play music].


Karaoke parties can be fun and joyful. But planning them can be stressful and getting ideas can be tedious. These 8 simple and easy tips will help you  get some entertaining ideas so that everyone can relish a memorable experience. 

With EZCast Beam J4a you will have a true karaoke experience! Project your favorite song to any surface! If you would like to try it out, it is available in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, Spain, Poland,  Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Be confident that after following these simple steps, your party will be a huge success. 

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