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Sending love and care! EZCast takes stand on elevating the educational environment of people with disabilities

EZCast is known for its expertise in wireless display and offers complete solutions to home entertainment, education, and enterprises. To practice the concept of social enterprise responsibility and social care, EZCast chose to donate EZCast screen mirroring devices, which are easy to use and support various systems, to 10+ institutions such as Faith Hope & Love, Center for Children and Adults with Disabilities (hereinafter referred to as "The Center") and Spinal Cord Injury Social Welfare Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "The Foundation"). Meanwhile, EZCast encouraged their employees to actively participate in the settings training to teach the institutions how to use EZCast products to increase the accessibility of teaching activities, and further elevate the efficiency of learning.

The Center provides professional services for the mentally disabled and their families, creating a learning environment and social life in which they can fully return, integrate, and grow. After learning to use the device, the manager of The Center said, "Thanks to the EZCast screen mirroring devices, the staff is able to set up a projection system easily by connecting it to the electronic equipment in seconds. It also provides a better way to interact with students and colleagues from a distance. This device provides multi functionalities, which simplifies the system and makes it easy to use. EZCast screen mirroring devices help The Center to connect to different workplaces, allowing colleagues to interact in real-time. Thank EZCast for providing us with the products.”EZCast screen mirroring devices enhanced the working and learning efficiency of The Center. It allows the staff to display the content of the mobile phone while screen mirroring the laptop during meetings or film evenings.

The Center used the EZCast products during the meetings and film evenings.

Through the product donation, EZCast hopes to help these institutions build a better working and interactive learning environment and expects this event will let more companies cohere with sending more resources to these institutions.

EZCast went and taught The Foundation staff how to use the products in their office.

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