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How to autoplay your favorite videos on startup with EZChannel

One great feature of EZCast app is aggregating all the major online video platforms in EZChannel.

The EZChannel function lets you search for videos across YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Twitch, and others, and create custom Channels, or playlists, to play them in one place, your HDTV via EZCast dongle.

You can even pick child-friendly videos for your kids to watch on TV.

Today I’ll show you how to add videos to a Channel in the EZCast app, then bind your Channel to your own EZCast dongle.

So whenever the dongle starts up, it will start playing your favourite videos.

You can even create playlists for your family when you are away, to make sure your children only watch the age-appropriate shows you picked out for them.

Setting up autoplay on your EZCast dongle

The video tutorial below shows the step by step guide to creating custom Channels inside EZCast app and binding the playlist to your EZCast dongle to play on startup.

You’ll learn how to setup autoplay from iPhone, Android phone, Windows laptop and MacBook.

No matter which operating systems you use, the general steps are similar.

Make sure you download the EZCast app for your respective device, then log into your EZCast account inside the app.

Then access the EZChannel feature to begin adding your favourite videos into a custom Channel, which is a playlist.

Make sure your device is connected to an EZCast dongle, so you can bind your account and the custom Channel to your dongle.

The next time the EZCast dongle resets, it will start playing your selected list of videos.

In order for your EZCast dongle to play online videos, you will need to access the dongle Settings to connect to a local internet-enabled Wi-Fi network.