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Turn your iPhone X into a PC with plug and play EZCast Wire (Christmas Edition)

If you have been following the tech trends lately, you would know the biggest news to have come out on the smart phone landscape.

iPhone X.

A phone so beautifully designed and personal that remembers your face and greets you.

With Christmas coming, you will have plenty of time during the holidays to get as attached to your iPhone as ever.

You can start by watching more YouTube videos, check out the latest tech blogs, and hang out with your social media friends, all by yourself.

So, how can we make your alone time with iPhone X even better?

By screen mirroring it to a big screen of course.

After all, bigger is better.

In the video below, we will show you how to screen mirror an iPhone to the big screen, plug and play, with an EZCast Wire to use it like a PC.

To get EZCast Wire for your iPhone X in time for Christmas, visit Amazon to buy now.

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