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The 5 Best Gadgets To Watch The FIFA World Cup 2022

The football world is crazier than ever. The FIFA World Cup 2022 is here, and with that comes a lot of excitement for fans across the globe. From the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony, from matches to post-match analysis, and everything in between, there’s no other international sporting event that gets as much coverage as the FIFA World Cup. And thanks to our gadgets, you can upgrade your watching experience! 

Whether you’re at home or on vacation, there are a number of amazing gadgets out there right now that make the World Cup more accessible than ever before. Let’s check them out…

It’s Never Been Easier to Get Close to the Action:
EZCast Beam J4a Android 10 Pico Projector

Project content from your favorite apps with the EZCast Beam J4a Android 10 Pico projector.

Project content from your favorite apps with the EZCast Beam J4a Android 10 Pico projector.

You're probably watching the World Cup through a streaming service or an app. If this is the case, you should check out this portable Andoid projector! It's like carrying a Smart TV with you wherever you go! Simply download all of your favorite sports apps onto the projector! 

Furthermore, the quad-core ARM Cortex A55 CPU and Mali G31-MP2 GPU provide exceptional performance for sports viewing. With its DLP technology, it generates bright whites and deep blacks for the sharpest possible images to bring you closer to the experience of watching a match from the stands.

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Feel Like You Are at the Stadium, No Matter Where You Are:
EZCast Beam J4 Outdoor Projector

Take the World Cup wherever you are with the EZCast Beam J4 outdoor projector.

Take the World Cup wherever you are with the EZCast Beam J4 outdoor projector. 

If you are planning on an outdoor football-watching match, this might be the right option for you. The ultra-portable EZCast Beam J4 projector has built-in 9000 mAh batteries. When used in eco mode, it enables you to watch videos for 5 hours. This will allow you to watch a match without the stress of running out of battery.

Besides, J4 makes it simple to project square images from any angle in any environment thanks to its auto vertical keystone and manual 2D keystone features. It doesn’t matter where you are, EZCast Beam J4 will make you feel like you are at the stadium!

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Go Epic with This Full HD Wi-Fi Projector:
EZCast Beam H3 Native 1080p Wi-Fi Projector

This native 1080p projector will make you feel like you are part of the crowd of the World Cup.

This native 1080p projector will make you feel like you are part of the crowd at the World Cup.

With this projector, you will be part of the crowd without being there yourself. Many people play the live stream on the latest mobile phones which come with the Type-C port and worry about how to connect the phone to the projector. But this doesn’t have to be the case. EZCast Beam H3 allows wireless and Type-C connection so you can easily cast the content from your phone and watch the soccer match perfectly. EZCast Beam H3 allows you to experience all the World Cup matches in a BIG style with a 155-inch projection.

The true 1080P native resolution will provide clear and detailed images. It offers 200 ANSI lumens in a light source with a 30,000-hour LED life, perfect for watching a football match.

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One of the Cheapest Options If You Don’t Own a Smart TV:
EZCast TwinX Transmitter & Receiver Package

EZCast TwinX is a great option for casting World Cup matches.

If your TV doesn't have Android TV or Google TV as an operating system and you don't want to invest in a new, expensive TV, EZCast TwinX Package can be a great option. It is a wireless display transmitter and receiver kit that supports streaming apps. 

It is a very good option to turn your TV into a Smart TV at a very low price. This kit is compatible with USB C devices to stream videos onto your screen.

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Turn On, Game On:
EZCast CatchU

Live stream and record World Cup matches or FIFA games with EZCast CatchU.

Many people who love sports like to see reaction videos. Others like to watch with a community through a live stream. This is why many streamers turn to the EZCast CatchU capture box to live stream and watch the games with their fans. This capture box will allow you to record matches, stream your reaction to the audience, and allow you to replay your favorite goals easily. Just one click and it can record all your favorite moments in Full HD from any computer, smartphone, or gaming console. Plus, you can enjoy any game with 4K@60 pass-through with low latency.  

Whether you want to play FIFA on a gaming console or capture a game from your mobile phone or PC, this capture box got you covered! It supports a microphone and DSLR camera.  Insert your own voice into the gameplay, and interact with your audience.

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If you want to have the best World Cup experience possible, make sure you have the above items on hand, as well as a fridge full of beer and a group of friends to watch the games with. With these gadgets, you'll be ready for an unforgettable World Cup experience.

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