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Why You Should Get a Projector to Watch the Soccer World Cup 2022!

The world’s most popular sport is soccer, which makes the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 extremely exciting. Using projectors can amplify the excitement, so you don’t miss any action during this sporting extravaganza. A projector can give a cinematic feel to your home, and it can also provide you with a screen that is big enough for you to watch soccer action in full detail. As such, for optimal viewing pleasure, here are three good reasons why you should get a projector to watch the Soccer World Cup 2022!

World Cup Projectors: Enjoy the best sport in a big way with an EZCast projector

Projectors are Better and Cheaper than TVs for Soccer Watching

With over 3 billion soccer enthusiasts in the world, there is a tremendous demand for this type of event to be broadcast live. You don't need bulky equipment or a big budget to have a big screen in your home.

An Android projector like EZCast Beam J4a is designed for people who enjoy taking their smart TV experience with them wherever they go. The projector offers many of your preferred streaming video providers thanks to the Android 10 OS. In addition, you can easily download all of your preferred sports streaming providers to the projector with Aptoide TV. The quad-core ARM Cortex A55 CPU and Mali G31-MP2 GPU in the EZCast Beam J4a enable it to deliver exceptional performance for gaming and sports viewing. What does EZCast Beam J4a promise? Basically, to offer images of 100 inches for a fraction of the price of a TV of those dimensions.

World Cup Projectors: Create a stadium atmosphere anywhere you go with an EZCast Beam J4a projector.

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A Projector can Give You a Big Screen for Soccer Action

A projector can provide a completely immersive experience on a whole new level. Sitting back on a 120-inch screen with a super responsive projector is the ideal way to immerse yourself in the World Cup. The EZCast Beam H3 projector, for example, offers a value-packed entertainment cinema experience in true 1080P native resolution. It will be your FIFA and World Cup partner! You will come across more exciting and daring entertainment. Enjoy the action with a high brightness of up to 10600 lumens, which is generated to be the source of vibrant images on large screens.

World Cup Projectors: Get ready for a cinematic experience with the EZCast Beam H3 projector

The best part is that it supports screen mirroring with Android and iOS devices. You can also use it with consoles or PCs thanks to its mini HDMI port.

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A Projector Allows many Friends to Watch the World Cup Together

Another advantage of projectors is that they can be used to watch the World Cup with a large group of friends. This is because they allow you to fit numerous people on one screen and share the excitement of the game with them.

World Cup Projectors: EZCast Beam J4 makes you feel like you are on the field

With a small portable projector like the EZCast Beam J4, you can watch all the World Cup games on a big screen in your living room, backyard, or even outside. Because the EZCast Beam J4 is portable, you can easily transport it inside or outside of your home to watch the game.


Bottom Line

The World Cup is approaching, and if, like many others, Qatar will not be one of your destinations to watch the games, the time has come to select the best option to watch them.

If you want to watch the World Cup with your friends and family, or simply want to watch soccer action on a large screen, a projector is the best option. It will give you an immersive soccer experience, allowing you to share the excitement of the game with your friends and family. Finally, a projector is a great way to watch the World Cup 2022.

EZCast Beam J4 EZCast Beam J4a EZCast Beam H3
Image Image Image
Projection Technology DLP DLP LCD
Output/Input Resolution 480/1080p 480/1080p 1080p/1080p
LED Lumens 10000 Lumens 10000 Lumens 10600 Lumens
Screen Size 30-100 Inches 30-100 Inches 35-155 Inches
Operating System EZCast Android 10 EZCast
Input Interface USB / HDMI USB / HDMI USB / USB-C
Keystone Auto vertical keystone
and manual 2D keystone
Auto vertical keystone Auto vertical keystone