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The Best 4 Free Fitness and Workout Apps

Improve your fitness apps workouts with EZCast.

Improve your fitness apps workouts with EZCast.

Why you have to start using fitness apps?

Fitness apps will improve your life. You have been using your phone a lot more lately, especially now that you are working from home. However, are you using it in the healthiest way that you possibly can?

Looking for a personal trainer in a gym can be expensive and overwhelming. With these fitness apps, you can do many of these exercises in the comfort of your home. Be healthy without spending tons of money, there is no excuse!

Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

Available on: iOS & Android (You can pay for the full version)

Time required: 10 to 30 minutes per session

If you are a beginner this app is suitable for you.

Technically it is like having your home personal trainer.

It contains hundreds of targeted exercises with 5 to 10 minutes quick workouts.

You will see a video showing you how to perform correctly each exercise with on-screen instructions and a timer.

If there comes an occasion in which you lack internet you can skip the videos because most of the workouts don’t require internet.

Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer app screenshot.

Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer app screenshot.


Available on: iOS & Android (You can pay for Premium)

Time required: Customizable

This fitness app is exceptionally useful to understand what your intake looks like.

Since you can track your foods you can notice how your diet changes.

Rather than eating whatever is available, you would now be able to focus on nutrition instead of just access and what is on hand at the moment.

You will have the option to recognize what eating mistakes you are making and change your eating habits.

One big advantage of this fitness app has is that it has a huge library of different foods and its search function.

It also counts calories, which will enable you to be more conscious about what you are eating.

Many people depend on what other people tell them to eat but if you learn to count calories you can become much more self-sufficient and you will be more aware of the effects of what you consume.

As a bonus, it gives you some exercises.

My Fitness Pal app screenshot.

My Fitness Pal app screenshot.

Nike Run Club

Available on: iOS & Android (You can pay for Premium)

Time required: Depends on your pace

NRC lets you compare your past runs with your present runs which permits you to observe your progress.

Perhaps,  the best feature is that this exercise app will automatically stop the time and the distance when you stop your run. It also shows you the track you’ve done (where you ran).

Additionally, it categorizes your tracks with different colors.

For instance,  if on your record you ran particularly fast and it is one of your maximum velocities you will see a green color.

If another day, you run slow or started jogging it will show your track in red. One special characteristic of this app is that it lets you know your pace.

It is programmed in a way it will let you know when you’ve done your quickest pace for a certain amount of kilometers.

Nike Run Club app screenshot.

Nike Run Club app screenshot.

BODY by Blogilates

Available on: iOS & Android (You can pay for Premium)

Time required: Total Workout time 40-50 minutes

This fitness app by Cassey Ho offers plenty of workouts.

Most of the videos don’t require equipment whatsoever but occasionally you will need dumbbells.

Normally, all you will need for each workout session is a mat, sports clothing, and a positive attitude.

Even though the workouts are long you can choose which exercises you can do.

We will have to let you know you will sweat a lot using this app. You don’t need much previous ability to perform the exercises.

BODY by Blogilates app screenshot.

BODY by Blogilates app screenshot.

For more comfort you can screen mirror your smartphone

We’ve been there. Trying to follow workouts on the small screen of our phone. It is hard. So, you need a stable Wi-Fi device to stream or project those videos on a big screen.

4K HDR wireless display receiver – EZCast Ultra will allow you to enjoy workouts with its stable performance and low latency. With this dongle, you can have immersive home entertainment experiences on a bigger screen. Stream your videos from your mobile device to a TV with no lag.

Another speedy, portable and user friendly option is EZCast Compact. It can be easily connected by wireless USB to cable then HDMI port to TV. EZCast Compact is perfect for home use yet ideal travel buddy.

One big advantage of this device is that you can simply tell Alexa or Google which video you need verbally and it will perform on big screen perfectly.

Lastly but not least, you can connect your smartphone to Mini Box via charging cable and enjoy stable streaming immediately. No matter what you’re streaming, enjoy a strong connection with dual-band wireless—or use the Gigabit Ethernet port for wired streaming.

No matter where you are, external antenna will ensure the stronger signal transmission and reception so that you can enjoy a stable mirroring throughout your home.

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