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The Perfect Party with an Outdoor Mini Projector

The Perfect Party with an Outdoor Mini Projector

As summer approaches, and the weather gets warmer you should consider having an outdoor party event. spend quality time with your family and friends. Take advantage of your backyard, patio, porch, or even a nearby park! Plan a movie theater night with an outdoor mini projector.

Before we start, please take into consideration the weather conditions and lighting. Projectors perform at their best in obscured conditions.

Planning an outdoor party event might seem like a daunting task at first. However, if you break down the process into simple steps, you'll have an enjoyable moment to always remember. Keep reading to find easy steps and tips for outdoor party events.

1. Pick a theme

The first step is choosing a theme, following it will allow you to have a consistent decoration for your table and place. From a Hawaiian party to a simple BBQ, here are some fun, popular themes you can choose:

Get an Outdoor Mini Projector to enjoy time with friends.

Get an Outdoor Mini Projector to enjoy time with friends.

-Hawaiian Party: Since travel is not recommended at the moment, this theme is perfect for a "staycation". Play the ukulele, dance with hula skirts, and eat pineapples.

-Karaoke Night: Karaoke nights are an all-time favorite. It's all about the music, dance, and fun. Party with your friends and family as they try to sing their favorite songs!

-Movie-Theater: With a screen and an outdoor projector you can do magic. Watch your favorite summer flick under the stars. You can even choose a genre for the night! Enjoy your favorite movies or shows!

Select the right activities for your outdoor party with the EZCast Beam J2 outdoor mini projector.

Select the right activities for your outdoor party with the EZCast Beam J2 outdoor mini projector.

-Board games night: Strengthen relationships with your friends. Focus on the game, a board games night is a fun and relaxing way to spend the evening.

2. Select the Activities

Once the first details are covered, you'll need to determine fun activities that everyone can enjoy.

Photobooth: Making a backdrop can take a lot of time! Try projector photography to create a unique photobooth with different pictures or experiment with unique backgrounds to create outstanding photos!

Music: Set the right mood for your party. Play nice background music, or play music videos with a projector so people can dance the night away. You can make a playlist with your guests so everyone can share their favorite music videos. An exciting alternative is to play karaoke with your projector and a microphone.

Enjoy your favorite playlists with EZCast Beam J2 Outdoor Mini Projector

Enjoy your favorite playlists with EZCast Beam J2 Outdoor Mini Projector

Game tournament: All you need is a white sheet and a wireless projector! You can create personalized quizzes with Kahoot, the only thing your guest will need is their smartphone! You can also make video game tournaments with your favorite game console. Another option to consider is playing charades with an app.

Sport watching: Watch parties are fun! Enjoy your favorite sports event on a big screen! You can also make teams between your friends and make bets when guessing who will win the big game.

3. Prepare Facilities and Decor Materials

There is a wide variety of ways in which you can decorate your backyard and turn it into a lovely space for a party. Following your party theme you can find inexpensive decorations. We list some easy and budget-friendly ideas:

Hawaiian Party: Balloons, hats, leis, hula skirts, plastic or inflatable palm trees

Karaoke Night: projector, white screen or blanket, microphone, playlist, disco ball

Movie Theater: ticket decoration, popcorn, movie photobooth, white screen or blanket, projector, red carpet

Board Games Night: games, prizes, winner podium, picture frames

Other decoration for outdoor parties: Branches and flowers, hand hoop wreaths, slights and mason jar lights, balloons, and paper lanterns

4. The Best Outdoor Mini Projector for your Parties

There is something special about people gathering together to enjoy a summer night. Having a projector at your outdoor party will elevate the party experience and make it an unforgettable memory. The market is full of options, but there is no necessity to overthink. If you are planning on buying a projector for your party, focus on the main characteristics.

Supersize your movies and games with a good viewing experience, this can easily be done with an outdoor mini projector as EZCast Beam J2.

Battery Life: EZCast Beam J2 offers long-lasting excitement for any content you are projecting. Its battery allows you to watch up to 5 hours of video in a single charge.

Portability: Besides, depending on the location of your event, you will have to move a lot, that's why we recommend a portable and lightweight option as EZCast Beam J2. This mini projector has a pocket size, so you can easily carry it around in your purse or backpack.

In conclusion, EZCast Beam J2 is your perfect choice for the perfect outdoor party. Buy here.

If you want to find a more budget-friendly outdoor projector, EZCast Beam V3 could be the best alternative to Beam J2.

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