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How to reduce AirPlay screen mirroring latency

Apart from being a universal wireless display receiver that works with all operating systems, EZCast is also a leader in low latency screen mirroring.

After all, what’s the use of great device compatibility if you cannot have low latency to enjoy games and movies on the big screen.

As a reference, this article mentioned you might expect between 100 ms to 300 ms latency from a Chromecast setup.

Therefore, a latency of around 10 ms is definitely a market-leading performance.

In order to prove EZCast has one of the best screen mirroring experiences, we have setup an EZCast 2 dongle AirPlay Screen Mirroring experiment and recorded the footage with a 960 frames per second, high speed camera.

Setting up EZCast 2 latency test with AirPlay Screen Mirroring

The video below shows the individual steps to setup an EZCast 2 to receive AirPlay Screen Mirroring from an iPhone X running iOS 11.4.

After setting up the screen mirroring connection between EZCast 2 and iPhone X, a stopwatch app was used to compare speeds between iPhone X and the screen mirrored image on TV.

A 960 FPS, high speed camera was able to capture and replay the results in slow motion.

The latency between iPhone X and EZCast 2 was between 10 ms to 50 ms, which is definitely fast enough for most mobile gaming on the big screen.