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An Affordable and No-Brainer Wireless Presentation Adapter in the Classroom

Screen Mirroring Issues in the Classroom

Have you walked into the classroom and seen lots of chunky gadgets? The worst part is that it may take hours to learn how to use them. Plus sometimes they might be very hard to set up.

This is because many professors keep using wireless presentation solutions that are outdated and expensive. So, which is the best wireless technology for screen mirroring? Which is the best wireless screen mirroring option for the classroom?

A wireless presentation adapter might be what you need.


Easily Casting in a Classroom With a Wireless Presentation Adapter

If this bothers you, here is a simple and low-price solution. The EZCast TwinX wireless adapter can be easy to use by all teachers and students. It uses a wireless screen mirroring technology that is becoming very important in any classroom. The teachers can simply use tablets, phones, Macbook, Windows laptops, or Chromebooks to wirelessly present to the TV or projector.

This is very important because school districts usually use a mixture of devices. These are all devices that need to be shared with the projector or interactive flat panel. With a Type-C port, EZCast TwinX is compatible with the most popular devices. It works with all EZCast receivers, including EZCast Ultra, EZCast Compact, and EZCast 2.  Now, we are offering the EZCast TwinX Package which combines EZCast TwinX and EZCast Compact, allowing you to show an image, video, or slide with ease. As a result, teachers won't have any problem sharing content on the big screen. 

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EZCast TwinX Wireless Adapter Transforms the Classroom

Adding EZCast TwinX Package into the classroom helps create a flexible teaching environment. Also, it lets the teacher have mobility across the classroom instead of being stuck in the front. Student engagement and collaboration will improve because they will be able to easily share content. Besides, the teacher can voice command EZCast Compact to play videos and music.  As it can be used with smart speakers and AI assistants on your smartphone to perform onto the TV what you tell.

Another common problem experienced in lectures is when the teachers are trying to cast a video and it starts buffering because of an unstable internet connection. However, this problem is also solved by EZCast TwinX Package as it gets a reliable and fast internet connection through 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi network connectivity. 

Start using EZCast TwinX Package in only 3 simple steps

Step 1 You should plug the EZCast Compact into your TV or projector and plug EZCast TwinX into your device.

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Step2 Power the EZCast Compact with an adapter and wait for your screen to show up.

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Step 3 Then connect the EZCast TwinX to your laptop with the type-c port.

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Without application download and complex setups, cables, lenses which mess up the classroom. Now you are ready to enjoy the easiest way to do a wireless presentation. 

EZCast TwinX Package supports 1080P resolution that can show content bright and clear on a larger display. 

With the EZCast TwinX Package, you can initiate the future style of teaching today.

If you love EZCast TwinX and want to become our distributor, please contact sales.  

Or, buy it at the EZCast Amazon store.

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