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Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter vs EZCast 2, what are the differences?

HDMI cables have been with us since 2003, and we have been using the cabled interface to share HD content since.

It was not until Miracast became prominent in 2012, that we have the option of sharing media content across Wi-Fi.

One of the most popular Miracast receiver on the market is Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.

We’ll compare both the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and EZCast 2 to help you understand the differences and decide which one is more suitable.

Both Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and EZCast offer the full range of features with Miracast supported devices such as Windows and Android

Most Windows and Android devices come with Miracast function built in, making it very convenient to screen mirror with both devices.

Miracast with EZCast 2.

So are there finer differences between the two?

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is faster to setup while EZCast 2 requires a secure Wi-Fi connection before screen sharing

Both Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and EZCast 2 are designed for screen mirroring from your laptops and Miracast enabled Android phones.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter excels at the speed at sharing screen to the TV.

 Just access the Miracast function and connect

Just access the Miracast function and connect

All you need to do is access the Miracast function, and choose the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter device.

No network setup required.

In EZCast 2’s case, you need to first connect your laptop or phone to a Wi-Fi network that the EZCast 2 is present, before sharing the screen.

 Connect to the secure EZCast Wi-Fi network before screen mirroring.

Connect to the secure EZCast Wi-Fi network before screen mirroring.

This has the downside of taking an extra step (connect to Wi-Fi network first) before you can screen mirror,

But it comes with the benefit that only the people in the same room as the TV can share screen.

You won’t get into a situation where a neighbor accidentally casts his family photos on your TV, which is possible with Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.

Only EZCast provides full support for iOS devices through native AirPlay

iOS and macOS devices do not support Miracast, and Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter does not support AirPlay.

So Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter cannot not work with any Apple product natively.

So iPhones and iPads users can't screen cast to Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter easily.

In this situation, EZCast 2 has the upper hand by supporting AirPlay, so you can mirror your iPhone screen to EZCast flawlessly.

Screen mirroring your iPhone to TV

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter for Miracast supported devices only, EZCast 2 for cross platform compatibility

By now, you will see both Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and EZCast work well for Android and Windows devices.

While Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter provides a faster screen mirroring experience.

EZCast 2 is a better choice if you intend to work across many devices, and want to keep your screen mirroring activities secure and private..

Either way,

You can cut back on cable subscription fees, forget about buying the latest smart TVs, and use your mobile phone and laptop to run a premium home entertainment experience.

All without breaking the bank.

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