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Number 1 tip to increase exhibition visitor engagement using EZCast

So you’ve booked your flights, accommodations and travelled halfway around the globe to exhibit your best products at a great exhibition.

You have meticulously chosen a spot for your booth at an intersection between industry leaders for maximum foot traffic.

The booth space and decoration had cost your brand a few tens of thousands of dollars.

You are confident that your product is the best thing that has happened to your industry since sliced bread.


What if the “build it and they will come” strategy doesn’t work?

If only exhibitions are this straightforward.

What if you see plenty of foot traffic march across you but only stop for the booth next door, seemingly unaware of your products?

What if your hands, full of free giveaways, are left hanging by the crowd aimlessly wandering from booths to booths, but never yours?

 Wandering but not quite engaged visitors.

Wandering but not quite engaged visitors.

It may be a good time to calm down, relax your wringing hands and let us show you the number 1 tip we used to attract visitor attention at IFA, without breaking the bank.

Create your visitor’s 15 seconds of fame with EZCast

Let’s face it,

We are human,

We all have a bit of narcissism inside us, and we want to feel special once in a while.

Our number 1 tip to increasing visitor engagement appeals to the narcissistic side in each one of us.

 “Hi mum! I’m on EZCast TV!”

“Hi mum! I’m on EZCast TV!”

As William, an EZCast brand ambassador, casually points an iPhone towards the passers-by, nearly half of them would be intrigues, followed by amusement, when they see their face on the TV.

As the amused visitor slows down for a comment about their look, we move in with our sales pitch to engage an interested potential customer.

This strategy works perfectly to EZCast’s strengths, where the camera on William’s iPhone would be screen mirrored to the HDTV on the wall.

Not only is the EZCast dongle a good tool to run HDTVs at exhibitions, it can also help you actively interact with visitors with the phone camera.

Can you think of other ways to maximise exhibition efficiency? Please let us know in the comments below.

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